Masonry Flagstone Brick Stone

Flagstone is a durable material that has good visual appeal. The material is mainly used for pathways and patios. The stone has a very comforting, rustic look that can dress up any backyard. Gorgeous flagstone walkways that wrap around the yard make an average house look more like a home. Creating a walkway or backyard patio with flagstone can make for a warm entertaining space for family and guests. Flagstone comes in many colors and sizes to create any type of look. Frank Loyd Write, one of America’s famous architects believed in using stone that comes from the region it will be used.


Because of brick's enduring qualities and limitless appearances and effects, designers can satisfy their creative styles. Brick is readily available in many sizes, colors, textures and shapes that can be adapted to achieve virtually any desired style or expression. Colors range from reds and burgundies to whites and buffs, with many manufacturers producing more than 100 colors. At ICD we can show you many creative ways to use brick in your ladscape design to create a look that is appealing with the assurance that your installation will reflect your vision.


Stone Veneer
Today’s architectural stone veneer is crafted to virtually reproduce the colors, texture, substance and long-lived quality of natural stone but at about half the cost and one third the weight. Use architectural stone veneers on any project where stone might be used, and on some where cost, climate or other factors might preclude natural stone. Our expertise allows installation in various situations, and we utilize techniques for achieving the most authentic and attractive surfaces and interiors, and for managing water and other technical factors to avoid problems and maximize performance.


Block Walls
Cinder blocks are preformed, rectangular concrete blocks that are used to construct walls, building foundations and other items that require a sturdy base. The blocks are widely available and relatively inexpensive to use compared to more decorative stone products. Building a basic cinder block wall is a home improvement task that you should be able to tackle on your own. However, proper technique and installation experience are essential to ensure the resulting wall will remain stable over time. Let us handle it so you can be sure the final product will last for years to come.


Outdoor Kitchens
Your outdoor kitchen should reflect your personality. It should allow for as much convenience as your budget allows. The outdoor area should be an entertainment site to unite family and friends. When designing an out door kitchen it is important to duplicate as many features of your indoor kitchen outside to avoid constant trips in and out of the house so that you can enjoy your time entertaining. In California we spend on average 10 to 12 hours a week outside our homes in our yards, pool area, or in the grilling or outdoor kitchen place. The casual setting helps us to relax with family and friends.


Pizza Ovens
Thick layers of mortar and insulation are the key to creating an effective wood-fired oven. This traps the heat inside the oven's dome and evenly distributes it onto the pizza. Temperatures inside a well-constructed oven will reach up to 700 degrees F and trap the heat for up to five hours. Imagine your friends and family enjoying the wonderfully unique taste of an Italian style wood fired brick oven pizza at your next party. Be the envy of your neighborhood, have us design and build a custom one for you and your family to enjoy year round.


Fire Pits
Every since man discovered it, we have been drawn to gather around the warm glow of a natural burning fire. There is a unique quality and very intimate feeling about sitting around a warm fire. Let us build a fire pit for your family right in your own backyard that you can enjoy year round. Order yours today and we will thow in a years supply of marshmellows and a lifetime of fond memories.